So why should we plan a trip through Globetrotter Trips? Can't I just go online and book all of this myself?

Absolutely! Pretty much everything we book is stuff that anyone COULD book themselves online. However, we take the guesswork, exhaustion, and hassle out of planning your Disney and other trips.

We have former cast members, Disney Vacation Club owners, staff who have visited all of the stateside and international Disney parks, and much more experience on our team.

Do you only plan Disney vacations?

Nope! We can help you plan flights and hotels to any destination in the world. We can even help you book cruises or other entertainment as well as car rentals and more!

What if we plan a trip but we have to cancel or make adjustments?

Every trip is customized and unique. Your first step will always be to contact us and let us know if you need to change your plans. Depending on whether or not different elements of the vacation were purchased with travel insurance or with free-cancelation options, you may or may not incur any expense.