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Dosh Cash App

Dosh is one of the newer "Cash Back Apps" and it really pays! In fact, they'll give you $5 JUST FOR SIGNING UP AND LINKING A CARD.

Once you've done that-- it's easy to earn cash--in fact, I accidentally make money off of them all the time when I fill up the car with gas at the local ExxonMobil station.

Several restaurants, stores, and websites offer cash back through Dosh and it's just another place to make a little extra cash for doing what you're already doing.

You must have $25 accumulated to cash out but it's easy to get there if you refer a friend or two along the way for a $5 bonus per referral.

Give it a shot here.

Money / Cash Back


If you're looking for a new way to coupon without the mess-- iBotta is for you. While it's not just for groceries-- there are loads of rebates and cash incentives for your everyday shopping.

You can also book hotels, order online, and shop for non-grocery items and get cash back. If you sign up here-- you'll get $10 free!

iBotta also makes saving into a game by giving you badges and bonuses for you and your team as you level up your savings.

Cash out starts at $20 and is easy to attain with team level bonuses and referral bonuses of $5 per referral!

Try it here!


If you do a lot of shopping online, you may have heard of eBates. They've been in the game a long time-- but they are tried and true and have some pretty sweet payouts.

You only have to have $5 to get your cash back payout but they only payout quarterly (every three months). Fortunately, Paypal is an option so you can get your money quickly when payouts occur.

Sign up here to get your signup bonus!