Resort Pals Program

The Resort Pals Experience

Visiting Disney or Universal Studios should be a magical experience for you and your family. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime or rare opportunity where you want everything to go just right. That's where the Globetrotter Trips Resort Pals Program comes in. Besides being certified Disney and Universal Studios travel agents, I'm a former Disneyland cast member, high school teacher, and an avid traveler. My job is to sweat the small stuff and help with guide your experience in the parks and beyond.

Unlike many services out there, we offer various, customizable services but at a standardized, transparent price. Rather then offer packages with upgrades and add-ons, we offer a standard, all-inclusive price-per-day structure that lets you decide how long and how best to utilize your Resort Pal. Some of the types of services we help with both before and during your trip:

  • Assistance with Park Reservation Passes/Planning

  • Booking resort dining

  • Fastpass booking (if/when it returns)

  • Helping with kids/teens in the parks (up to and including taking kids to other parts of the parks or other parks altogether)

  • Riding with kids or assisting with waiting with younger riders

  • Bathroom breaks

  • Meal breaks

  • Park Navigation

  • Transportation Planning

  • Shopping support

  • Swimming Pal/ In-Room sitting

  • and more!

We can even take older kids to Universal Studios or other Disney parks while parents stay back with younger children (requires Disney park hopper admission or admission to Universal Studios and paid transportation if off-site).

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