What about if you're not traveling in a family or a group of friends-- or even if you are? Globetrotter Trips also offers a "ParkPanions" option to accompany solo travelers throughout the parks of their choice! Perfect for first time visitors or park veterans, your ParkPanion simply offers an opportunity to have someone take some of the stress and anxiety off of your vacation by joining you on your journey throughout the resort. A few of the things your ParkPanion can help with is:

  • Booking dining

  • Scheduling park passes

  • Planning transportation

  • Being a shopping buddy

  • Riding rides with you

  • Chatting/Providing companionship

  • Dining buddy/assisting with special dietary needs

"ParkPanions" are currently available for Walt Disney World Resort (FL), Universal Studios Orlando Resort (FL), Universal Studios Hollywood (Universal City, CA) and Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA).

Much like Resort Pals, parkpanions' duties may be a bit customizable in the event you have any special needs, requests, etc. Pricing for ParkPanions is based on full days and visiting one resort-- so once you book your Parkpanion, they are available through the day and evening to ensure that you have someone to accompany you throughout the resorts all day! Should you like for your ParkPanion to visit multiple resorts (Disney & Universal in one trip), pricing will vary.

Base ParkPanion Pricing:

2 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $1125

3 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $1650

4 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $2125

5 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $2675

6 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $3200

7 Days All-Day ParkPanion - $3550

Looking for a longer companion, feel free to contact us at globetrottertripsgroup@gmail.com to ask about longer periods!