Resort Pals Pricing

Resort Pals is an all-inclusive, park open 'til park close program that provides you with dedicated access to and support from your park pal. With that being said, prices includes pre-trip planning, communication and coordination in addition to in-park support and assistance. Pricing below includes any costs associated with your Park Pal's admission or travel costs-- so there's no need to worry about additional fees or charges. Pricing is dependent on the length of time you wish to use your Park Pal with the minimum being 1 day. Partial day/hourly packages are only available for multi-day trips 3 days or longer.

All-Day Resort Pals are currently available for Walt Disney World Resort (FL), Universal Studios Orlando Resort (FL), Universal Studios Hollywood (Universal City, CA) and Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA).

*Prices below include ONLY Park Pals package and does not include your personal park admission, travel expenses, accommodations or otherwise.

All-Day Pal Pricing:

1 Day All-Day Resort Pal - $995

2 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $1890

3 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $2775

4 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $3500

5 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $4425

6 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $5250

7 Days All-Day Resort Pal - $5995

Looking for a longer Pal, feel free to contact us at to ask about longer periods!

If you're in need of a Pal for shorter times, we offer multi-day, part-time Pals for 6 hour intervals. Part-time Pals are able to assist in park but are not able to escort unaccompanied children to the hotel or other theme parks due to time constraints with the exception of assistance with getting families to or from the park at the beginning or end of the 6-hour interval.

As with All-Day Resort Pals, pricing below still includes the cost of transportation and park tickets for your Pal for the duration of the day, so no additional charges or fees will apply!

Part-Time Resort Pals are currently available for Walt Disney World Resort (FL), Universal Studios Orlando Resort (FL), and Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA).

Part-Time Resort Pal Pricing

3 Days Part-Time Resort Pal - $1785

4 Days Part-Time Resort Pal - $2250

5 Days Part-Time Resort Pal - $2595

6 Days Part-Time Resort Pal - $3195

7 Days Part-Time Resort Pal - $3750